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Opportunities exist across the Globe with Doc Popcorn.  Our map below shows the countries where we have started to spread smiles. Contact us today to find out how you can spread smiles in your corner of the world.

International Franchise Opportunities

Doc Popcorn has proven to create smiles for customers and POPrietors alike. The kernel to our success is we have a delicious, infinitely-edible, product that can be made fresh, simply and affordably, wherever people gather. This universal model is transferable to communities all around the world. 

We are always looking for experienced international Master Franchise partners who have the capability to grow our brand in their respective markets.  Our vision is to have passionate POPrietors creating smiles with Doc Popcorn’s fresh popped flavors™ so people around the world can say that their favorite popcorn is Doc Popcorn. We can also put you in touch with current Master Franchisees who sub-franchise in countries where we have a already presence.

International Master Franchises

Master Franchises have been awarded in

  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Chile
  • Peru
  • Oman

For international master franchise opportunities other than the countries listed above, please fill out this brief form to request more information. 

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"Doc Popcorn Business Model Has Proven to Work"
Alice K.
International Master Franchise Owner, Chile & Peru

"We continue to maintain our momentum in growing our footprint in Chile. The product is exceptional, and consumers are drawn to this high-quality, yet affordable brand.  Due to its simplicity, the Doc Popcorn business model has proven to work all the way down in the Southern Hemisphere!  With the support and know-how from Doc Popcorn’s corporate team, we are looking forward to our continued success into the future."