Voices of Experience

There is no better way to learn about a franchise organization than to hear from franchise owners themselves. See what some of our POPrietors have to say about their Doc Popcorn experience and how it’s changed their lives.

“Doc Popcorn is a Great Family”
Eleazar and Mabe, POPrietors, Florida

"Our experience as Doc Popcorn Franchisees has been splendid. Not only do we get to sell a great product that makes people of all ages really happy, but we are also well supported by the Doc Popcorn team. They are professional, enthusiastic and passionate people. They are always there to answer your questions, help you with your needs, and guide you through the opening process and day-to-day operations. Doc Popcorn is a great family and we are really proud to be a part of it."

"I Never Looked Back"
Bill B., Multi-Unit POPrietor, Minnesota

“I spent 30 years in the automotive and fleet industry, and I never looked back.  As a Doc Popcorn POPrietor since 2010, I never tire of seeing people of all ages get excited about our popcorn.  Although my eldest daughter is taking over the management of my Mall of America store, I am expanding the business and staying connected to my customers with my PopTruck(TM) so I can still spread happiness and smiles all over my community."

"We Envision Adding More Locations"
Rudy C., POPrietor, Georgia

“SunTrust Park’s foodservice management was excited to introduce Doc Popcorn and see what the product could do for the ballpark’s popcorn sales. We offer a more unique popcorn experience than the typical concession stand popcorn. Given the favorable response, we envision adding more locations in SunTrust Park in the near future.”

" Great Business"
Ahmed M., POPrietor, Illinois

“Having already successfully run several other franchise brands, my brother and I feel Doc Popcorn is a great business with strong growth opportunities and better-for-you-snack options for customers.”

"Fun to Grow And Easy to Manage"
Geoff F., Multi-Unit POPrietor, New Jersey

"I was in the furniture business for many years, and when I started looking at franchises, I never would have thought about a popcorn franchise. The simplicity of the Doc Popcorn model and the variety of venue possibilities makes it fun to grow and easy to manage multiple locations. Fast forward a few years later, I now run several locations with my two sons and we are having a great time creating smiles with our amazing product."

" I've Found Freedom and Flexibility"
Denise M., Multi-Unit POPrietor, Texas

"I really enjoy my home-based Doc Popcorn business.  The freedom and flexibility it offers are the two things I value most.   Although I’ve found that discipline and organization are key to a successful home-based business, my schedule is my own.   One day I may work 8 hours and the next day I might only work 2 hours, but I get to decide what my priorities are each day. This allows me to better balance my work and family time.  Low overhead is another big plus."

" We Are Still Smiling"
Chris & Kellie C., Multi-Unit POPrietors, Texas

"I was an engineer and manager for over 30 years and Kellie was a successful facilities manager. We investigated several franchise opportunities that we could apply our skills to and also have some fun. I knew if we operated a Doc Popcorn business, I could enjoy going to work again.  The Doc Popcorn team supported us in procuring a great Convention Center partnership.  The venue was excited by the results and we have since added additional units there. We have also opened an in-line location at the new Dallas Farmers' Market and have worked diligently to grow our catering, mobile concessions and delivery operations. We are having fun and still smiling!"

"I've Always Loved Popcorn"
Jed H., POPrietor, Minnesota

“I’ve always loved popcorn. So, when I retired from active duty in the Marines and became a reservist, the idea of owning a Doc Popcorn location in my home state and offering better-for-you snack options, along with its strong growth opportunities, appealed a great deal to me. Adding Dippin’ Dots not only provided consumers with more snack options in one place, but it also provided an additional source of revenue without much effort. The synergy of savory popcorn and sweet ice cream treats with the dual branding model offers balanced revenue streams for different seasons of the year."

"Doc Popcorn Business Model Has Proven to Work"
Alice K., International Master Franchise Owner, Chile & Peru

"We continue to maintain our momentum in growing our footprint in Chile. The product is exceptional, and consumers are drawn to this high-quality, yet affordable brand.  Due to its simplicity, the Doc Popcorn business model has proven to work all the way down in the Southern Hemisphere!  With the support and know-how from Doc Popcorn’s corporate team, we are looking forward to our continued success into the future."